Klobuk travel

To make your stay in Croatia more interesting Klobuk travel organize various excursions:

Krka National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Medjugorje / Imotski
Rafting on Cetina River…


Canyoning - In the canyon you have to walk, jump, swim and climb, something that increases both the challenge and your adrenalin.
Big Game Fishing - Europeans new destination
Horseback Riding - Guided horseback riding through Cetina region
Paintball - One of the most attractive sports in the world.

Beside the standard taxi services, it means the drive from one location to the other according to the requirements of the clients we offer also some special services.

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Prodaja apartmana
Autoškola Formula
Građevinski radovi i materijal
Foto-studio Danica
Drvna industrija ÄŒazma
Hotel Central Bjelovar
Iznajmljivanje soba-Punat
Željeznarija Jilk d.o.o.
Komunalac Bjelovar
Academica Cravatica Hrvatska
Klima uređaji i grijanje
Mlin d.o.o.
Parketi Sabljo
Rasadnik Franjić
Kudumija trade
Taxi transfers Croatia
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