Ceramic studio Prague

Our pottery programme covers all the basic making techniques and gives students the opportunity to work with a full palette of clays. It includes courses for complete beginners as well as workshops for experienced potters. Surface decoration is emphasised in our new courses, which introduce a whole range of new techniques. Colourful tile making in deep relief and large-scale decorative-usefull ceramics are offered here for the first time.


Explore the many different ways of making clay pots.
You will be taught step by step through many different pottery techniques including the potter’s wheel, to enable you to produce some wonderful items. You will be able to work at your own place in a relaxed environment. Groups will be small enough for you to have individual attention when needed. To finish off your master piece you will be able to explore the use of coloured glazes and relief decoration.
Learn about throwing, slab building, press moulding, coiling, slip decorating, sculpture and glazing. Using these techniques, you can make mugs, jugs, plates, name plaques, vases, teapots etc.
Experience the full ceramic cycle of glazing from making, decorating, finishing and firing pots in unique method.

You will be surprised at how much fun you will have at producing some wonderful pieces.

-Pottery creation day
-Pottery Weekend in Prague
-Pottery Week in Prague

All three courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate, advanced.


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